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Case Study

Dental Implants Case Study Involving Pink Porcelain

This case involved a middle aged gentleman from here in the West End of Glasgow, who had lost his teeth many years ago. Having worn several partial dentures unsuccessfully since his front teeth were extracted, he had never adjusted to having removable plastic on his palate. The effect of wear and pressure on gums from […]

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Case Study – Ceramic Porcelain Bridge

This patient’s old NHS bridgework was removed and replaced with a private ceramic porcelain bridge affecting their six front teeth. The cost of this ceramic porcelain bridge as fitted in our Glasgow dentist surgery was £2340.

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Case Study – Alternatives to Dental Implants

Although dental implants offer a great long-lasting solution to lost or broken teeth not everyone wants to go down that route. Occasionally we are asked for an alternative to dental implants. This patient for example requested that his old bridge was replaced and space filled without recourse to implants. A new porcelain ceramic bridge of […]

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Case Study – Dental Implants Glasgow Surgery

This patient was referred for dental implants by his regular dentist in Glasgow because of an infection above an old porcelain bridge. The front two teeth were affected and the supporting root subsequently extracted. A temporary partial denture was required until healing of infected bone had occurred. Due to the increased width of teeth being […]

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