Whether you call them invisible braces or clear braces, you are looking for an effective but inconspicuous way to straighten your teeth and provide an all-round orthodontic solution.

We have considerable experience in invisible braces, fitting Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, Inman Aligner and other well-known orthodontic treatments and we will help you choose exactly the right kind of braces for your teeth and stage of life.

Remember, your initial consultation is free. There is nothing to lose in coming to the surgery to discuss your requirements and everything to be gained. Not only are all our staff qualified to help you. Some have had orthodontic treatment themselves and will be able to pass on their experiences.

Invisible braces are part of the Cosmetic Dentistry Portfolio at Crystal Dental Glasgow.

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Video Transcript

It has been eight weeks since Dr Murphy fitted Rebecca’s dental braces.

Now it’s time for her to come to the surgery for a check up.

Rebecca has been delighted with the treatment so far – particularly as her braces are barely noticeable.

On the night of her original appointment Rebecca met several friends in a restaurant.

Not one of them noticed she was wearing braces.

She would not have considered metal braces but liked the idea of invisible braces and Dr Murphy decided that in her case Six Month Smiles was the best option.

Because the braces aren’t removable they are working 24 hours per day.

Dr Murphy checks her progress and carefully prizes off the old elastic bands to replace them with new clear bands.

This increases the tension on the braces and speeds up the straightening process.

Dr Murphy is pleased with Rebecca’s progress so far and is sure the treatment will be finished within five months.

Rebecca is understandably delighted with her new smile.