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Please call 07920 773334 between 9am and 6pm if you are a patient suffering from severe dental pain, facial swelling, bleeding or trauma. After 6pm and at weekends please contact NHS 24 by calling 111.

Coronavirus Update from Dr Murphy

The CDO for Scotland advised us on 21 May that we must remain closed for now.
He has issued a phased opening for practices from 31st July 2020. We will not then be allowed to carry out Aerosol Generating Procedures eg fillings, root treatments, crown treatments, within ‘mixed’ practices. These are practices which have both NHS and private patients.
Although most of our work at both Crystal and Appletree Dental Care is within private contract we must consider his advice very carefully.
We must also balance that with our consideration for our patient’s best interests.
One of the concerns I have personally for our patients is that even if patients wish to keep their back (molar) teeth, there is nowhere that they can receive treatment should they be in severe pain.
The only option in those circumstances is extraction at an Urgent Dental Centre (UDCs).
General Dental Practitioners, like their General Medical Practitioner counterparts, are bound to ‘do no harm’ by their regulator, the GDC.
We must therefore weigh up the risks of Covid19 exposure versus an alternative harm, factoring all of the other parts of a risk assessment.
These include normal measures such as distancing, reducing contact numbers, extensive PPE and many, many more. The Scottish Government and CDO do not yet seem happy with our ability to make those risk assessments and take the measures required at this stage.
There are, in these times, many ‘emergencies’ which are not covered by the criteria necessary for referral to the UDCs. These include pus which is draining from teeth or implants without associated and severe pain, often in patients who suffer from conditions like diabetes; also, loose teeth or implant restorations which are being retained by screws susceptible to fracture if not tightened, (a situation which is almost impossible to retrieve from within an implant); cavities or exposed dentine causing extreme sensitivity which affects the patient’s ability to eat - ongoing for 9 weeks (at the point of writing) in some cases; missing front teeth (crowns/bridges/dentures) which require re-fixing - often referred to as a ‘social’ emergency.
This list is not comprehensive but the numbers are growing and will continue to do so between now and August.
I have to say, in terms of my experience of dentistry in the Glasgow area over 28 years, never until now have I offered a service which I am deeply unhappy with, one which I feel is inadequate.
My associate Dr Kirk and I will, however, continue to offer our patients the best advice that we possibly can. If they are fortunate enough to qualify for the UDC referral and keen to be seen by a dentist there, we will happily refer them.
If antibiotics have been prescribed and failed to resolve an issue, patients should be aware that extraction is often the only option, notably for all molar teeth.
Currently the only conditions for referral are a facial/dental  swelling which hasn’t responded to antibiotics, severe pain (uncontrolled by painkillers), uncontrolled dental bleed, certain types of trauma.
I will endeavour to keep our patients advised of any update to the above.

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A Choice of Dental Treatments

We offer a choice of  NHS dental services and private cosmetic dentistry to patients from Glasgow and beyond. Contact us today. We'll be glad to hear from you.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Prices

We believe in fair and transparent dental prices. Many of our prices are lower than the UK and considerably below the average price of dental work in Scotland. 

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants offer a great alternative to dentures for replacing broken or missing teeth.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers provide a beautiful cosmetic solution to discoloured, stained and shipped teeth. 

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Clear Braces

Clear braces solutions such as Six Month Smiles straighten your teeth in the shortest possible time.

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Free Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation at our Glasgow practice is free with no strings attached. There is no treatment at this stage. We will just help you plan a route back to great dental health.

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Our Patient Promise

  1. All initial consultations are free of charge.
  2. Our prices are transparent and fair.
  3. Any one of a number of payment agreements including 12 months interest free credit are available to help spread the cost.
  4. Discounts are available when more than one tooth is either crowned or veneered.
  5. Whitening will be available at a discount prior to crowns or veneers.
  6. Every patient who refers a family member or friend as a new patient will be entitled to a free hygiene visit.

Dentist with a GoPro Camera

Curious about Six Month Smiles, Invisalign or other braces treatment?

We strapped a GoPro camera to Dr Murphy's head (at some risk to his circulation as it turned out!) while he checked Rebecca's braces.

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Recent Reviews of Crystal Dental Care

I had an excellent service from Brendan and his team. I was nervous about getting an implant but the process was explained in detail and when the day came, I found it a more pleasant experience than having a conventional filling! (How does he manage to give painless injections?) I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this practice and would encourage anyone hesitating to consider cosmetic dentistry to speak to Brendan.

Gordon Chapman

I heard that Glasgow prices were competitive for cosmetic dentistry and I'm up there from the midlands regularly seeing family. I've been getting invisible braces treatment and can't believe how they've moved in only 3 months. Brendan Murphy's reputation and the way he dealt with my online assurances etc - I knew what the cost was before he saw me.....that sealed it. Now I can't wait for the final result-it's been painless and totally hassle free.

John Dobson

I'm apprehensive about going to the dentist and they were quite disarming. I didn't feel hurried or crowded. Quite the opposite, it was relaxing. Dr. Murphy is very professional but at the same time personable. They didn't try to oversell and the work completed was very high quality. I would recommend Crystal Dental Care in particular if you prefer a more considerate approach.

Michael Gallacher

I cannot rate Dr Brendan Murphy and his team highly enough. The service I received was excellent, everything was fully explained and I was put at ease from the beginning to end of my treatment.

Catherine Moran

Moved to Glasgow recently and a friend recommended Crystal Dental Care. Needed two porcelain veneers replaced and asked for whitening too. Delighted with the entire process. All staff were friendly and professional, Brendan explained process clearly and the procedures were painless. Very happy!

Maureen Finn

I can’t recommend Brendan and his team highly enough. They really took the time to put me at ease and explain the process and different stages I would go through during my treatment. Over the years I have dealt with many different dentists, having cracked my front teeth at an early age, and can honestly say I have never dealt with anyone who I felt I could trust as much as Brendan. I would now never go anywhere else for my dental care and my daughter and partner now also attend Brendan’s practice.

Mandy Crawford

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Nervous Dental Patients Welcome

If you haven't visited a dentist for years or you are particularly nervous about dental treatment, don't worry, we can help.

We have lots of ways of making the experience easier for you and our Glasgow staff are great at making our patients feel relaxed and welcome.

Also, if you come in for a free consultation we won't do any treatment the first time we see you unless you ask us to. Simply contact us today and we'll take it from there.

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Take a video tour of our modern comfortable dental practice in Dumbarton Road, Glasgow.

We are easy to get to via public transport with Partick Station just five minutes away. There are also shops with parking beside us at Glasgow's West End Retail Park.

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These case studies from our cosmetic dentistry portfolio give you a really good idea of the sort of problems patients bring to the dentists in our Dumbarton Road surgery.  You'll find out how we resolved their issues and perhaps how we can help you too.

Blair wanted white fillings, brighter teeth, porcelain veneers and improvements to the shape of his teeth.

Janice didn't like the idea of wearing a removable denture and asked for dental implants for two teeth.

Gavin had a tooth removed due to infection. He came to us for dental implants and a porcelain crown

James came to our Glasgow practice having been referred by his regular dentist for cosmetic dentistry.

This patient has a darkened tooth and misshapen front teeth. Also a chipped lower tooth.

An older gentleman from Glasgow who had never adjusted to having a denture and wanted implants.

This patient’s old NHS bridgework was removed and replaced with a ceramic porcelain bridge.

This patient was referred by his usual dentist for a nasty infection above an old porcelain bridge.

A dental colleague referred himself for placement of six porcelain zirconium crowns.