Considering dental implants or suspect you might need to replace a tooth?

We offer all new patients a free initial consultation. This lasts at least twenty minutes. Dr Murphy will examine your teeth and take a dental history. Are you in pain? Do you need to replace a previous dental implant?

He will explain what happens when you get dental implants. He will tell you how many appointments you will need to complete the procedure.

He will also discuss implant aftercare and how to look after your new teeth. He will cover any possible side effects from the surgical procedure.

dentist consultation in a Glasgow surgery

Setting up your initial consultation

We accept referrals from a number of Glasgow dentists and other dental professionals in the West of Scotland, whether for implant supported dentures or complex crown and bridgework on implants.

Alternatively you can refer yourself by phoning 0141 334 8792 or completing our contact form.

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Answering your implant questions

We know you will have questions at the first appointment. Does it hurt to get an implant? Can I clean my new tooth in the normal way? Will I be able to eat steak again? How long will my implant last?

Your dentist will be able to answer all these questions and more. It is a good idea to prepare a list of your concerns.

He will also go into the role of our dental hygienist before and after treatment. It is important that your oral hygiene is good and your gums are healthy to ensure the success of your implant.

That is why Dr Murphy will be keen to check for signs of gum disease or decay at an early stage. He will also assess your bone density and what sort of implant you might need. If you do not have enough bone density for an implant you might need to consider bone augmentation. Don't worry, Dr Murphy will explain everything.

Our front desk staff will give you a clear idea of dental implant costs before you leave the surgery. They will also give you details of your dental finance options.

There is no obligation at this stage. You can take the treatment plan home to consider it in detail and you can ask more questions as they arise.

Why choose Crystal Dental Care for your dental implants?

Dr Murphy is one of the most experienced dental implant dentists in Glasgow. He has attended ongoing specific implant training at home and abroad.

  • We use high quality materials from leading implant suppliers. Implant failures are very rare and we take action immediately if they occur.
  • We have dozens of five star reviews from our patients. We are not happy until they are happy.
  • We are transparent and upfront about our private dentistry prices.
  • Our implant prices are lower than the average for Scotland and lower than the average in Glasgow.
  • We have a clean, bright, modern practice. It is easy to find with a relaxing clinical environment when you get here.

Nervous about implant treatment?

We understand. Dental implant treatment can seem invasive. But many patients express surprise at how little pain they felt getting an implant. All say they expected worse!

Discuss your concerns with Dr Murphy at your first appointment. He will explain the techniques for managing any soreness.

He will also talk about the role of dental sedation with you. This is something we offer within the practice.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss dental implants at our Glasgow practice do not hesitate to get in touch. Phone 0141 334 8792 or fill in our contact form.