Dental bridges are used to fill gaps where you have lost teeth due to injury or extraction. Usually they are attached to healthy teeth on either side of the gap. Therefore dental bridges cannot be removed like dentures.

At Crystal Dental Care we provide dental bridges on existing teeth, bonded and fixed, as well as removable bridgework on dental implants.

Here are some of the options, with an idea of the costs of dental bridges:

Porcelain bonded to metal bridge

This is the same as a porcelain bonded to metal crown but for each unit or tooth on a bridge the treatment costs to cover increased work required from the dental technician.

Porcelain bonded to metal bridge costs from £250-£400 per unit.

Maryland bridge

Here we place a false tooth in an existing gap by bonding with a resin cement to the teeth on either side

Maryland bridges cost from £300.

Ceramic bridge

We remove enamel from the outside of teeth on either side of the gap and then cement a false tooth between them. As these have no metal alloy substructure, our expert technicians can shade match them to look just like the original enamel.

Ceramic work costs from £390 per tooth.

Implant bridge work

During the restorative part phase of your dental implant treatment we may fit porcelain or bonded bridgework involving precision components and gold posts. Bridges are then cemented or screwed onto these components if fixed.

These cost from £750-£850 per tooth.