Adult Braces

Many patients in Glasgow have dental braces when they are teenagers but increasingly adult patients also come to us looking for straighter or less crowded teeth. The good news is it is never too late to consider this sort of cosmetic dentistry.

Check out this short video about cometic dental braces from Dr Murphy.

Cosmetic braces systems are commonplace in many dental practices but it is essential that the right treatment is chosen for your teeth, in order to predict a good result with surety and secure the long term prognosis of your smile.

This may be an Inman Aligner or Invisalign which are removable appliances. Alternatively a fixed system with clear brackets such as Six Month Smiles may be preferred. A list of the different orthodontic systems on offer at Crystal Dental Care (with costs) is available below.

Fixed orthodontic systems are commonly used in specialist orthodontic practices where metal brackets and wires direct the tooth movements in a very specific manner. These treatments generally take 18-36 months depending on patients’ age (childrens' teeth move quickly compared to adults) and the practitioner focuses on establishing a 'near perfect' bite.

Many of the adult orthodontic plans now are focused on Short Term Orthodontics (STO) which generally takes 4-12 months and utilises some form of cosmetic braces system to enable you to feel less self-conscious about your braces.

It is important that patients realise that these systems focus on improvements at the front of the mouth. Minor changes to the bite may be feasible but wholesale bite changes are best treated with the metal brackets used in comprehensive fixed appliances (‘train tracks!’).