Dental Implants Case Study - Step by Step

This is a great example of how we use dental implants here in our Glasgow dental practice in order to help a patient with complex dental issues.

The patient came to the dental surgery for a free initial consultation with Dr Murphy. He had a number of concerns but first among them was a fractured root on an upper left incisor (which you can see in these first pictures).

However he also had some cosmetic dental concerns which included:

  • Stained composite fillings
  • Old NHS crowns leaking
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Black amalgam fillings on premolars

Multiple issues liek this are not uncommon and that's why we have a form for new patients to fill out to tell us what they don't like about their teeth.

In this case, the patient wanted a an almost complete overhaul of all visible upper teeth and to eliminate the need for the denture replacing his upper left incisor.

implant case study before image 1
dental implant case study before image 2

Implant Treatment Begins

We began the implant treatment with removal of the broken root and treatment of the infected bone.

Because the bone was damaged we waited eight weeks before placing a dental implant.

Once this had integrated, we started the restorative process with a little whitening of the lower teeth.

Next we adjusted all visible upper teeth for pressed porcelain crowns and placed a pin into the implant for a final impression.

perparation for dental implant image 1
preparation for implant dental image 2

Final Outcome - Implant and Dental Crowns

Finally, five months after the treatment began we fitted ten ceramic crowns.

This treatment, without dental implants, would normally take just two to three weeks but the healing process and requirement for dental implant integration meant it took longer.

The patient was absolutely delighted with his results and is considering further lower treatment with dental crowns.

after dental implants patient image
ten ceramic crowns in place