Teeth Whitening - Glasgow Smiles Better with White Teeth!

A dazzling smile is a wonderful thing but what happens when the years take their toll on your beautiful teeth? Do you drink lots of coffee or tea? Do you smoke? What about the famous Glasgow diet? It is a tough business trying to keep your teeth shiny white.

Here is a short video from Dr Murphy on the different kids of teeth whitening.

We have three teeth whitening options here in Glasgow at Crystal Dental Care.

Your teeth can be whitened for 30 minutes per day for 10 days or else as nightwear whitening. Both of these options involve teeth whitening kits.

On the other hand, you can choose to have a one hour power teeth whitening session in the surgery.

Our tooth whitening trays are custom-made for your teeth. They are quite comfortable and you can set them aside afterwards for top-up spells of whitening in the future, when you can buy more whitening gel from the practice. These top-ups counteract the eventual drop in brightness, roughly by 50% every 3 years.

Power whitening treatment is undertaken in the surgery with a more powerful teeth whitening agent and produces quicker results. However the overall result tends not to be as good as with the home whitening kits unless the procedure is repeated once or twice.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Home Kit whitening - £265 to £400

Top-up pack (four syringes) - £60

Top-up syringe - £25

One hour power whitening - £265 to £310

Combination 1hr/home - £350 to £550