Dental Crowns are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments at Crystal Dental Care. An X-ray will be taken to establish that the root of the tooth is healthy prior to preparation and fitting your temporary crown.

The initial requirement for a crown is usually a heavily filled and or discoloured tooth and the main objective is often to protect that tooth from potential further breakdown.

This is especially so in root-filled teeth. Ceramic crowns are more popular than ever before because they are just as strong as crowns with a metal core.

Modern ceramic crowns have a zirconium core which is also metal but comes in a tooth coloured milled shell. To this our technician will carefully layer the opaque and translucent porcelains which match your adjacent teeth.

At Crystal Dental Care you will visit our technicians here in Glasgow to ensure a result that both dentist and patient are completely happy with. Examples of ceramic crowns are Emax, Lava, Procera and Cerec.

These cost £397-£444 at Crystal Dental Care (including laboratory visit, temporary crown and all associated fees).

Porcelain Bonded to Gold Crowns can be fabricated in a similar way and are slightly less expensive (£347 each). These are an excellent method of restoring all posterior or back teeth.