Dental Crowns Glasgow

What is a dental crown?

Dental Crowns are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments at Crystal Dental Care. In this short video Dr Murphy explains what they are and why they are popular with patients with dark, chipped or stained teeth.

Trauma in Glasgow

Gary Mannion describes his dental injuries following the tragic helicopter accident in Glasgow's Clutha Vaults.

"I didn't properly realise the damage to my teeth until a few days after the accident. Even if I'd wanted to I couldn't have tackled the stairs at Crystal Dental Care for the first few weeks but luckily the pain in my teeth settled. Dr Murphy reckoned that because it was a case of trauma, the two teeth were cracked with a clean break- I've always looked after my teeth and there was no decay. Luckily the fractures didn't go above gum level which would have meant losing those teeth. Anyway, he was able to rebuild the back tooth with amalgam and stainless steel pins and the front tooth with composite resin. There's a good chance that I'll need a couple of ceramic crowns in the long term but I can deal with that later. For the moment I'm just glad to have kept my teeth. Thanks to Brendan and the staff at Crystal Dental Care."

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Technology of a Dental Crown

The initial requirement for a crown is usually a heavily filled and or discoloured tooth and the main objective is often to protect that tooth from potential further breakdown.

This is especially so in root-filled teeth. Ceramic crowns are more popular than ever before because they are just as strong as crowns with a metal core.

Modern ceramic crowns have a zirconium core which is also metal but comes in a tooth coloured milled shell. To this our technician will carefully layer the opaque and translucent porcelains which match your adjacent teeth.

How Much do Dental Crowns Cost?

At Crystal Dental Care you will visit our technicians here in Glasgow to ensure a result that both dentist and patient are completely happy with. Examples of ceramic crowns are Emax, Lava, Procera and Cerec.

These cost £450 for a single crown or £390 per crown for multiple crowns at Crystal Dental Care (including laboratory visit, temporary crown and all associated fees). Check with reception though for the most up to date prices.

Porcelain Bonded to Gold Crowns can be fabricated in a similar way and are slightly less expensive. These are an excellent method of restoring all posterior or back teeth.

Case Study - Replacing an Old NHS Dental Crown

cosmetic crowns case study 1

1. Dental Crown Problem

This patient attended our Glasgow dental practice complaining of the poor appearance from his old NHS crowns. He was also unhappy with the shape, angle and alignment of other front teeth.

In addition to this the patient was extremely worried about the soft, brown areas at the bottom of his upper canines (eye teeth).

cosmetic crowns case study 1

2. Treatment Plan

After a lengthy consultation, it was decided to replace the two old crowns with ceramic or zirconium crowns with a more cosmetically enhanced appearance to block out the ‘dead’ and dark substructure.

In addition to this, the patient elected to have four (minimal preparation) porcelain veneers on adjacent incisors and canines.

cosmetic crowns case study 3

3. Final Result

The veneers corrected the shapes and alignment issues highlighted by the patient at the consultation. The total cost of the cosmetic dentistry in this case was £2180 (two ceramic crowns plus four porcelain veneers).

This is a great example of the sort of results we can achieve with the latest dental technologies.

Dental crowns are part of the Cosmetic Dentistry Portfolio at Crystal Dental Care.