Below is a list of the current private dentistry prices ↓ in our Glasgow practice. Please note these are treatment costs under private contract. Patients who qualify under NHS dentistry guidelines should check out our details of NHS dentistry prices.


I heard that Glasgow prices were competitive for cosmetic dentistry and I'm up there from the Midlands regularly seeing family. I've been getting invisible braces treatment and can't believe how they've moved in only three months.

Brendan Murphy's reputation and the way he dealt with my online assurances etc. I knew what the cost was before he saw me. That sealed it. Now I can't wait for the final result-it's been painless and totally hassle free.

John Dobson, Six Month Smiles patient


Nobody likes the cost of dental treatment to come as a nasty surprise but occasionally it is not in the family budget. That is why we have special dental plans to help ease any financial burden. We can help you spread the cost of your routine treatment throughout the year as well as arrange interest-free loans to take care of high-value treatments.

There are a range of financial plans available including a) a plan which includes fillings, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges b) an essentials plan for routine care from including dental check-ups, dental x-rays and hygiene treatment c) a membership plan which can include discounts on dental treatments you may need and d) a plan for children  which allow us to tailor your child’s dental care to include any agreed treatment your child requires

Private Dental TreatmentCost
New Patient ConsultationNo charge
Routine Examination£25
Hand Scale & Polish (20 mins)£42
Ultrasonic Scale (30 mins)£63
Ultrasonic Scale (40 mins)£83
Ultrasonic Scale (60 mins)£121
Hygienist Visit
20 minutes (*see below)
Hygienist Visit
30 minutes (*see below)
Hygienist Visit
40 minutes (*see below)
Hygienist Visit
60 minutes (*see below)
Root Treatment£215 (incisor/canine), £295 (premolar), £360 - £650 (molar)
White Fillingsfrom £55 - £200
Porcelain Veneers£497 each
Same Day Veneers£557 per tooth
Single porcelain veneer or crown£499
Single porcelain veneer or crown as one of multiple£449
Full composite bonding veneer£275 per tooth
Partial tooth composite bondingfrom £55 per tooth
Teeth Whitening£340
Teeth Whitening with another treatment£285 or £200 per arch
Replacement bleaching tray£80 per arch
Enlighten Whitening£550
Dental Implants£1250
Restored Implant Tooth
Including posts/all components - for example bridge tooth or crown
Implant Dentures
With gold locators, but not including implant costs
£2000 - £4000
Implant Dentures
With milled titanium bars, but not including implant costs
Fixed implant
Full arch acrylic, not including implant costs
Fixed implant
Whole arch zirconium, not including implant costs
Six Month Smiles
single arch
Six Month Smiles
both arches (includes tooth whitening and removable retainers)
Replacement removable retainer £150
Fixed/bonded retainer£150
Inman Aligner£1450
Invisalign£2500-4000 per jaw
Invisalign Lite£2000 per jaw
Snap on Smiles 6 Teeth or Fewer£700
Full arch cosmetic denture (single)£700 - £800
Full upper/lower cosmetic dentures£1050
Valplast denture £700
Snap on Smiles Full Arch£900
CBCT Scans£175
OPG whole mouth X-ray£55
Bone Graft
local/socket/routine grafts
Sinus Graft
per sinus
Sedationfrom £550

*Please note: a short fallow period is in operation for hygienist appointments. The last 10min of your appointment will not involve ultrasonic or high speed instruments which produce water, in order to reduce risk of cross infection.
All hygienist appointments with ultrasonic scaling need to incorporate increased time for extra disinfection/surgery preparation.

For a more complete breakdown of our dental implant costs check out the detailed dental implant page.

Finance for Dental Patients

As part of our mission to help you get the best dental treatment for your needs we have arranged a variety of options to spread dental costs, both planned and unexpected.

One of these arrangements is through finance4patients.

The benefits of the Finance4Patients service to you are:

  • You complete a simple online application at home
  • They provide you with an instant decision
  • There are no paper forms to complete, you do it entirely online
  • You can even sign the form online using E-signature
  • There are fewer financial questions for you to answer in our practice

Finance4Patients can help you spread the cost of your dental treatment with a 0% interest loan or alternative low-cost interest bearing loan.

To find out more, contact us at the practice and we will be happy to put you in touch.

dental finance for patients

Dental Implants Finance

This tends to be a big ticket item due to the cost of high quality materials and the work involved in dental implant surgery. We have two ways we can help you spread the cost of dental implants.

    • Pay as you go, allowing you to make a payment each time you attend of the several appointments required as part of the procedure. This means you can spread out the total implants cost.
    • Dental finance plans, which can help you manage implant payments through interest free finance or interest bearing finance.

Free Initial Consultation

Your first appointment will be a full consultation with one of our dentists, before which you will be invited to complete a form listing your concerns. This visit will be free of charge. In all but the most complex cases you will be issued with a treatment plan and estimate of costs on that first visit. If you are a nervous patient, don’t worry: no treatment will be carried out that day. Our staff are all fully qualified and experienced in every aspect of modern dentistry, whether routine or complex. We look forward to making you feel welcome and relaxed in our practice.