Dental Implants Costs

These are prices for dental implants in our Glasgow practice:

Dental Implants Price
Each Dental Implant £1050
One Dental Crown on an implant £900
One Dental Crown, of multiple £850
Implant Bridge, per initial bridge tooth £900
Implant Bridge, per additional bridge tooth £850
Implant Dentures on gold locators, per appliance £1900

We have different ways to help you pay for dental implants

If you would like clarification of any aspect of our implant pricing, do not hesitate to contact the practice. These implant prices were correct at time of writing but it is worth checking the latest prices with reception.

Dental Implants Finance

We have two ways we can help you spread the cost of dental implants.

    • Pay as you go.  This is the simplest option. You are likely to require several visits to our Glasgow practice as part of your implant surgery. You can just make a payment each time you visit and that way you spread out the total implant bill.
    • Dental finance plans. We work closely with Finance4Patients, based in Irvine, who can help you manage implant payments through interest free finance or interest bearing finance.

As an example of an interest free agreement with Finance4Patients to replace a missing or damaged tooth at Crystal Dental Care with a single dental implant and a dental crown might come to 12 monthly payments of  £162.50, equalling £1950 in total, subject to terms and conditions.

Once the cost of your treatment has been agreed, our staff can email you a link to their finance application form. You can then fill this in at home. There will be clear guidance on  interest rates where applicable  - though of course this doesn't apply for an interest free arrangement - and you will then get a quick response to tell you if you if your application has been approved.

Dental Implant Prices in Scotland Compared

The price of dental implants in Scotland varies widely but, according to an independent survey by Dentistry, the average cost of an implant restoration with crown is £2415. As you can see from our implant pricelist the price of a single implant and crown at Crystal in Glasgow is £1950.

Rest assured we only use top-quality materials and our record on implant work is outstanding. The truth is that in our drive to provide the best-value dental service in Glasgow, implants cost less at Crystal.

We understand people shop around for the best deals but if you have ever clicked on one of the voucher code sites offering 70% off teeth implants you will know they seldom have implant offers. Discount or not, any Glasgow dentist still has to cover the cost of top quality materials such as titanium implants, ceramic zirconia bridges and  porcelain veneers.