How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Glasgow?

Dental implants costs in Glasgow vary widely but we believe we strike the right balance between delivering a great service using the latest technologies and fair implant pricing.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of dental implants at Crystal Dental Care. Don’t forget we can help with dental costs with a dental finance plan that will spread the load.

Current Dental Implant Costs

Single dental implant costs: £1050
Multiple dental implants cost:£1000 each.

Implant crown :porcelain bonded to gold alloy, including gold ‘post’ abutment =£800
Implant crown : zirconium post abutment and pressed porcelain crown=£850.

Porcelain Bridge costs: as above for each individual tooth on bridge ie £800-850 per tooth.
Acrylic fixed bridge (10-12 teeth on 4-6 implants)= £5750 excluding implant placement costs.

Full denture on implants= £1500-3900, depending on whether gold abutments or a milled titanium bar is used to retain the prosthesis.

Example Restoration 1:
Six missing teeth.
Three implants placed: £3000
Six teeth on three zirconium posts and a pressed porcelain ceramic bridge: £5100.
Total costs = £8100.

Example Restoration 2:
All lower teeth missing.
Two implants placed : £2000.
Two gold locators and removable over-denture with precision attachments:£1500.
Total Costs=£3500.

Example Restoration 3:
All lower teeth missing.
‘All on four’ technique. Four implants:£4000.
Fixed acrylic bridge with integrated titanium bar and twelve teeth: £5750.
Total Costs= £9750.

Local grafting (mild bone insufficiency): £250 per site.
Block grafting (severe bone loss): by arrangement on referral.

Scan Costs: £200-300 on referral.
The most common restoration is inevitably the single implant and single crown combination which costs £1850-1900 without local grafting.