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Dental Implants: All on Four Full Arch Case Study

All on four implant arch

This patient presented with difficulty chewing due to a loose upper denture, having had all upper teeth removed several years ago. There was a shortage of bone in the sinus areas, since bone formation reduces in the areas where back teeth have been removed.
Cosmetically, the demands from this patient were not difficult and he held function high on his priority list over the requirement for white teeth or lower porcelain veneers.
Treatment involved sinus augmentation initially to create a volume of bone at the back of the upper jaw, followed by strategic placement of four upper dental implants.
All on four implant x-ray
The distribution of implants is key in order to establish “All on Four” principles.  After 5-6 months of healing and implant integration, we placed a screw retained bridge.

All on 4 Implant from below

The ‘plan’ or mirror image shows screw holes in relation to the tooth positions. These allowed for a single tooth cantilever on either side, extending the porcelain bridge to 12 teeth.
Note the rolled edge of pink porcelain, required to prevent the perception of big teeth and necessary due to the long period of shrinkage after extractions.
Astute observers will note the requirement for hygienist intervention on lower teeth, after several months of treatment.  The patient will also be shown techniques to clean under the porcelain bridge, either side of each dental implant in order to maintain gum health long term.
The patient was thrilled with the result:
Absolutely life changing. Had full upper arch on four implants fitted. I can’t describe the difference it has made to my life. Brendan and the girls were fantastic throughout, very professional and friendly, it was an absolute pleasure throughout the process. I would highly recommend Crystal Dental care for the quality and a competitive price.
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Dr Brendan Murphy (BDS Glasgow) 1992 GDC 67679 is clinical director at Crystal Dental Glasgow. He has been a dentist in Glasgow for more than 20 years. He is passionate about patient care and highly experienced in cosmetic dentistry. He shares the case studies on this website as examples of what is possible when faced with often tricky dental issues. It is never too late to seek help even for long term dental problems.

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