Case Study

Smile Makeover with White Fillings and Porcelain Veneers – Case Study

Blair came to our Glasgow practice with a list of issues concerning his teeth, having considered a smile makeover for many years. He requested white fillings, brighter tooth colours, porcelain veneers, replacement of an old NHS porcelain bridge, improvements to tooth shapes – almost every form of cosmetic dentistry except braces! The free consultation with Dr Murphy took more than the usual 20 minutes.

cosmetic dentistry patient in glasgow

The above photo shows stained front teeth, metal fillings showing through the enamel of back teeth, a narrower profile on the upper right (left on photo), yellow colours and an old bridge on the upper left (right of photo).

cosmetic dentistry patient in glasgow 1

The angle of the photo above demonstrates how the profile of the teeth in the upper right (left of pic) was improved by using a thicker porcelain which would widen the smile only in that area.

cosmetic dentistry patient in glasgow 2

The above image demonstrates the normal aesthetics of older NHS restorations. Many NHS patients present with these issues.

cosmetic dentistry patient in glasgow 4

The results of ‘metal free’ dentistry. Some of the amalgam fillings were sufficiently large to warrant porcelain ceramic crowns. Five teeth were subjected to minimal adjustments and porcelain veneers were bonded on with composite resin.

cosmetic dentistry patient in glasgow 5

The final image demonstrates the improved width overall. It is difficult to see any differences between the porcelain on the bridge, crowns and veneers as our technicians have blended the cosmetic effect of accurately fitting gum margins in all types of porcelain.

The total cost of treatment was £4605, including 5 porcelain veneers at £350 each, 7 units of ceramic zirconium porcelain crown and bridgework at £390 each, 5 X-rays at £11 each and a composite resin filling at £75.

Blair has decided to remain as a patient of Dr Murphy and is keen to maintain the aesthetics of his smile.

He commented:

I waited far too long in getting round to this. For anyone that thinks about it, don’t waste the time. I didn’t get shown how horrible my teeth were before in the pictures. Now I feel 100% more comfortable in every different type of company. It’s made me more confident at work and definitely much more relaxed when I smile.


Dental Implant Option Instead of a Denture – Case Study

Janice had problems with an old NHS crown which had recurring infection. This can be located on the right of the picture below, with a single tooth space just behind it.

She had been told by her NHS dentist that the crown and root should be removed. Janice was set against the idea of wearing a removable denture and requested a dental implant option for two teeth.

After her free consultation and X-ray analysis it was decided to explore the possibility of a single implant with two teeth on a cantilever porcelain bridge.

The astute viewer will note that we placed a porcelain crown on the left of the picture where there had previously been an old NHS metal filling.

The frontal view shows how we provided a more cosmetic result, filling the space and electing a more natural shade of porcelain to match that of existing porcelain at the front of the upper jaw.

The total cost of treatment was £3234 including X-rays , extraction , two teeth on a single implant, additional porcelain ceramic crown.

Janice said “It’s like having three new teeth – no gaps , dark lines or infection. I’m much happier about smiling these days .”

Janice has been returned to her regular dentist for routine NHS care. She will come back annually to have her implant checked.

Replacing a Tooth and an Old NHS Porcelain Crown – Case Study

Gavin attended our Glasgow practice very soon after he had a tooth removed due to infection, This was done by his own NHS dentist who referred him to Dr Brendan Murphy.

This image shows that in addition to the space, the patient had a rather old and unsightly NHS crown.

After another six week healing period the dental implant was placed and subsequently a gold abutment fitted, which can be seen below. The canine has had the old crown carefully removed and a temporary crown fitted.

The next two images show mirror views of the space restoration with an implant crown, as well as the improvements gleaned in replacing the adjacent NHS porcelain crown.

The final picture demonstrates how our ceramist, present for shade and translucency selections at crown preparation, ensures that a natural aesthetic can be achieved.

Gavin stated “at my age I didn’t think I would be bothered with cosmetic dentistry but the difference I felt getting rid of that plate – I can’t describe it. The implant teeth look better than my real teeth!”

Porcelain Veneers and Replacement Fillings with Composite Resin: Case Study

Laura had been a patient of Dr Murphy for over 20 years. Over time he had placed multiple NHS porcelain crowns and metal fillings around that time.

Her front teeth had been traumatised and were root filled. There wasn’t much left but subsequently, metal posts and crowns were fitted.

Laura had discussed the feeling that she wanted to have a smile makeover many, many times over recent years as she felt more self-conscious about the appearance of many teeth.

Getting rid of as much metal as possible became her main priority.

Laura felt that her teeth were too yellow and her smile was also very narrow. She asked about porcelain veneers and replacement fillings with composite resin.

Dr Murphy advised that if we wanted to tackle all of the issues, the heavily filled back teeth would require crowns.

Some were suitable for veneers and it was deemed feasible to expand the canines and premolars – effectively widening Laura’s smile.

The old fillings and crowns were removed, exposing the metal posts- thankfully in tact.

Acrylic temporary crowns were fitted for a period of two weeks. Some home tooth whitening was carried out with custom fitted gum shield. Generally patients receive this at half price in extensive cosmetic dentistry makeover cases.

The final result: it’s possible to see the better distribution of tooth widths if we look carefully at the below image. The two central incisors are more comparable in size with the lateral incisors which we made slightly wider. The canines, which were ‘ leaning’ in were expanded with minimal prep porcelain veneers. Other premolars were improved similarly with veneers or ceramic crowns, creating the desired effect of a wider smile.

Laura commented that “my teenage daughter is jealous of my smile now, when before she told me I had brown teeth! Thanks so much to Brendan and the girls. I know it’s a cliche but I wish that I’d just done it 10 years ago, it gives you a huge lift in confidence.”


Cosmetic Dentistry for a Dentist: A Case Study in Successful Teamwork

“Physician heal thyself” doesn’t work quite so well in the case of dentistry and it is not surprising that dentists with dental issues tend to seek the help of the best dentists they know.

This is what happened in the case of Dr Abraham McCarthy, dentist at Envisage Dentistry Falkirk, who decided to have cosmetic dentistry carried out on his own front teeth and booked an appointment with Dr Brendan Murphy here at Crystal Dental Care in Glasgow.

Dr McCarthy’s initial dental selfie showed his discoloured and spaced front teeth. They were also ground down at the back of the front teeth, which made them particularly sensitive.

We had to use approximately double the normal level of anaesthetic due to this and also due to the fact that he’s a big chap with more than his share of compact bone around the tooth roots.

The above shows that three teeth towards the upper left have been minimally prepared for porcelain zirconium crowns. It can also be noted from this image that the unadjusted teeth (to the left of picture) are discoloured with a slightly porous enamel texture, causing a degree of staining.

The above picture shows that temporaries were fitted using a ‘wax-up’ that Dr McCarthy himself had provided. In effect, he provided Dr Murphy with a template guide for the eventual porcelain profile.

The familiar face of Alec Adair (top left), who carries out most of the high quality ceramic (cosmetic and implant technical work) for Envisage Dental Group and Crystal Dental Care, was present at this key stage of the treatment.

During crown preparation Dr Murphy and Dr McCarthy consulted with him for the selection of shades, shape/profile and enamel porcelain translucency.

The final picture below shows that we managed a first time fit for Dr McCarthy’s six porcelain crowns.

Although this was an example of a dentist treating another dentist it’s important to recognise that our patients receive the same quality of care that we seek for ourselves, friends and families, using the same technical staff and high quality porcelain ceramics.

Cosmetic Dentistry Case Study: Replacing Old Porcelain Veneers

James came into the practice having been referred to Crystal Dental Care by his regular dentist for cosmetic dentistry.

He had been unhappy with his old porcelain crown on his front tooth and a couple of old porcelain veneers were getting a bit tired.

The generally yellow colour of his teeth and the old porcelain was also an issue.

His final and slightly more tricky concern was the shape and size of a couple of teeth.

The gum level on his upper right lateral incisor was low as can be seen by the before photos.

Replacing Old Porcelain Crowns 1

Replacing Old Porcelain Crowns 2

Addressing Gum Disease Issues

An incidental finding was that James also had some gingivitis (gum inflammation) which had to be treated first.

This involved improvements to daily dental hygiene and a few 20 minute visits to see Laura, our hygienist.

As always, we presented all the options and costs, including the ‘do nothing for nothing’ but that wasn’t why he came to the practice.

Once the gums were sufficiently healthy James was ready for the cosmetic dentistry.

Replacement Veneers and Dental Crowns

He chose to have three porcelain veneers and two crowns replaced. He also opted to have an additional porcelain veneer and ceramic crown, bringing the total number of teeth restored with porcelain to seven.

The final element of cosmetic improvement was the reduction in a small space behind the upper left premolar.

The distribution of sizes was one of the main focuses, with particular regard to the upper right lateral incisor with which we managed to achieve a more considerable size by raising the gum margin slightly.

The alignment generally was improved to establish a smoothed and more rounded profile, as can be seen by the mirror ‘plan’ view.

Replacing Old Porcelain Crowns 3

Replacing Old Porcelain Crowns 4

Three ceramic crowns and four porcelain veneers cost £2570.

James has been back for a review without symptoms to report and will now return to his regular dentist for checkups and hygiene visits.