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Replacing a Discoloured and Infected Tooth with a Dental Implant

This patient was referred to our Glasgow practice by his regular dentist who had been treating and monitoring a heavily discoloured and infected tooth for some time.
discoloured and infected tooth

The degree of infection was quite advanced on X-ray and it was agreed to remove it. Following a two month healing period, necessary in such cases of severe infection, we gave him a dental implant.

dental implant placed

The implant was checked for integration after 10 weeks, making sure that the gum and bone were rendered healthy and stable. A ceramic abutment was elected to allow for a more natural appearance in the final crown.

ceramic aputment

The patient, who had been wearing a temporary denture throughout treatment, visited the laboratory to ensure the correct shades and translucency of porcelain were elected.

implant crown placed

The dental implant, ceramic abutment and crown cost £2100 including a laboratory visit here in Glasgow.

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Dr Brendan Murphy (BDS Glasgow) 1992 GDC 67679 is clinical director at Crystal Dental Glasgow. He has been a dentist in Glasgow for more than 20 years. He is passionate about patient care and highly experienced in cosmetic dentistry. He shares the case studies on this website as examples of what is possible when faced with often tricky dental issues. It is never too late to seek help even for long term dental problems.

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