Case Study – Porcelain Veneers and a Ceramic Crown

This patient came to our Glasgow dental surgery with a darkened front tooth and cosmetic concerns regarding other teeth.

cosmetic dentistry case 1

The patient is still unhappy with the shapes of front teeth generally. He complains of two front teeth being much bigger than adjacent teeth which are a bit ground down. He would also like the chipped lower teeth fixed and teeth a little whiter.

cosmetic dentistry case 2

After crown and veneer preparation – note minimal veneer preparations.

cosmetic dentistry case 3

The porcelain crown for the central incisor masks the darkened appearance beneath. This is the hardest cosmetic restoration to achieve matching results. The lower incisor will be repaired at the final review.

cosmetic dentistry case 4

One week after the fitting of porcelain veneers and ceramic crown, the gums have settled. They often become a little inflamed with temporary crowns. The lower chipped tooth has been repaired with composite bonding. No drilling or injections are required for this technique.

cosmetic dentistry case 5