Cosmetic Dentistry Case Study: Replacing Old Porcelain Veneers

James came into the practice having been referred to Crystal Dental Care by his regular dentist for cosmetic dentistry.

He had been unhappy with his old porcelain crown on his front tooth and a couple of old porcelain veneers were getting a bit tired.

The generally yellow colour of his teeth and the old porcelain was also an issue.

His final and slightly more tricky concern was the shape and size of a couple of teeth.

The gum level on his upper right lateral incisor was low as can be seen by the before photos.

Replacing Old Porcelain Crowns 1

Replacing Old Porcelain Crowns 2

Addressing Gum Disease Issues

An incidental finding was that James also had some gingivitis (gum inflammation) which had to be treated first.

This involved improvements to daily dental hygiene and a few 20 minute visits to see Laura, our hygienist.

As always, we presented all the options and costs, including the ‘do nothing for nothing’ but that wasn’t why he came to the practice.

Once the gums were sufficiently healthy James was ready for the cosmetic dentistry.

Replacement Veneers and Dental Crowns

He chose to have three porcelain veneers and two crowns replaced. He also opted to have an additional porcelain veneer and ceramic crown, bringing the total number of teeth restored with porcelain to seven.

The final element of cosmetic improvement was the reduction in a small space behind the upper left premolar.

The distribution of sizes was one of the main focuses, with particular regard to the upper right lateral incisor with which we managed to achieve a more considerable size by raising the gum margin slightly.

The alignment generally was improved to establish a smoothed and more rounded profile, as can be seen by the mirror ‘plan’ view.

Replacing Old Porcelain Crowns 3

Replacing Old Porcelain Crowns 4

Three ceramic crowns and four porcelain veneers cost £2570.

James has been back for a review without symptoms to report and will now return to his regular dentist for checkups and hygiene visits.